LAPL Basic Authorization

When a man contemplates his passing,
he lowers his eyes to the ground
and when he contemplates his future,
he raises them to the sky


The Brevet de Base is the first step along the road to learn to become a pilot. It enables you to fly solo, by day, within 30km of your departure aerodrome (but not in Controlled Airspace), having received the appropriate authorisations.

It is possible to start training for a Brevet de Base from 15yrs of age, provided:

  • you pass a theory examination theory and a practical flying test,
  • you have a Class 2 Medical Certificate
  • you have flown at least 6hrs dual control, 4hrs solo and 20 landings.

It’s the least expensive way to train to become a pilot (around €1,500 minimum)

In fact, the Brevet de Base is often the first step along the way to obtaining a LAPL or PPL, which permits the carrying of passengers and flights of longer distances.


If there’s anything you’d like to ask about, do come and see one of the club members who will be there every afternoon.

For any information, please contact us here.