Flying on Instruments (IFR)

Update : We are currently unable to provide IFR instruction. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

True pilots don’t get much pleasure from walking. What they love is flying.

Neil Armstrong


What is IFR?

Intérieur IH

Instrument flying or (Instrument Flight Rules) is a kind of flying which allows you to pilot the aircraft only using the flight instruments to control and direct the aircraft, without any external visual reference. In particular this permits you to fly when the the visibility is poor, in bad weather, or in cloud. We refer to these conditions as Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) as opposed to flying under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) under Visual Meterological Conditions (VMC).
You can only fly under VMC conditions if you have just an LAPL or PPL. In order to fly in IMC, pilots with a PPL or LAPL must train for and obtain the Instrument Rating (IR). Most commercial flying takes place under IFR.
The big advantage of the IR is that it allows you to fly in bad weather!!

Why obtain the qualification at the Aeroclub de Limoges?


For over a year now, the Aeroclub de Limoges has offered specific training for the Instrument Rating.
Our Cessna 172 F-GDIH is used for this training. It has been equipped with the latest generation electronic flight instrument system the ASPEN PRO 1000 EVOLUTION coupled to a GNS 430. You can also use your own aircraft for this training provided it is equipped with the appropriate instrumentation. It can also be undertaken in US-registered registration (N registered).

  • It is given by a professional pilot, qualified to teach instrument flying and giving his own time for the benefit of the club,,
  • Limoges International Airport has all the necessary equipment for flying on instruments and all necessary procedures,
  • The airport is open 24/7 and therefore the traffic is less intense,
  • There are VOR/DME/NDB radio beacons nearby for training exercises as well as many locations equipped for navigation enabling you to save time and therfore money (see map below),
  • A training schedule adaptable to your needs: in a block, by the week, by a period of several days or day by day,

One student has already completed his training with panache and is now qualified to fly on instruments.

Which trainings are offered ?

The aeroclub de Limoges has the great advantage to offer 3 different trainings for IFR:

  • European EIR CBT
  • European IR  CBT
  • National IR

These trainings are under the supervision of a level 2 ATO organism, ou partner Airways Formation in Agen.

European IR and l’EIR CBT allow to fly outside of french territory only with an English Competence (PART-FCL.055 IFR). If the flight remains within french borders, no specific language competence is required. National IR Nationaldoes not allow flying outside France, and no language competence is required.

Trainings comparison table

TraningsEuropean EIR  CBTIR CBTNational IR
Where to?in EU and Switzerland with language competencein EU and Switzerland with language competencein France
IFR flight phaseEn-Routeallall
Medical certificateClass 1 or Class 2Class 1 or Class 2Class 2
Theoretical80hrs in ATO80hrsin ATO150rsh in ATO
Theoretical test7 parts


75% score needed

7 parts


75% score needed

3 parts
150 questions
75% score needed
Flying hours in Limoges5hrs30hrs30hrs
Flying hours in level 2 ATO (Airways Formation in Agen)10hrs10hrs10hrs
Test before going to level 2 ATOyesyesno
Minimum budget€6,000*€9,750*€9,750*

* Minimum budget includes: theoretical training at Mermoz, DGAC test fees for theoretical test, practical training in Limoges (instructor is free), practical training at Airways Formation, examinator for the final test, DGAC test fees for the final test and DGAC fees for the delivery of the license.


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Update : We are currently unable to provide IFR instruction. We are sorry for the inconvenience.