Private pilot license (PPL)


Louis Blériot

Freedom for you !

Across France at 250kph, without traffic jams. No exaggeration, it is possible when you become a private pilot!

The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is the licence held by the big majority of amateur pilots. It entitles you to travel and to carry passengers any distance, without remuneration (sharing costs is permitted). It is even possible to travel anywhere in the world subject to having the appropriate language ability for countries you visit.

Beyond the PPL, there is also the Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) which has different limitations and priviliges than the PPL. See below the principal characteristics:

Area of validity The EU plus Switzerland The whole world
Types of aircraft Single engined, piston, of less than 2t No limitation
Passengers Maximum of 3, after 10hrs solo No limitation
Instrument flying (IFR) Not possible Qualification available
To start the training Any age Any age
First solo flight Age 16 Age 16
To take the test Age 17 Age 17
Medical fitness For LAPL Class 2
Medical examination validity 5 years less than age 40, limited to age 42
2 years over 40
5 years less than age 40, limited to age 42
2 years from 40 to 50, limited to 51.
1 year aged over 50.
Theoretical 2 tests (120 Multi-choice questions)
75% pass necessary in each test
2 tests (120 Multi-choice questions)
75% pass necessary in each test
Minimum number of flying hours 30 45
with an instructor 15 25
solo 6 10
including solo cross-country 3h, to include a flight of 80 NM 5h, to include a flight of 150 NM
Recent flying experience required after obtaining the licence
Flying hours 12h in the preceeding 24 months (sliding) 12hrs in the 12 months preceeding the end of validity of the class qualification
With an instructor and 1hr in the preceeding 24 months (sliding) 1hr with an instructor
Minimum budget
On F-GMKG €3,900 €5,600
Sur F-GZYA ou F-HBAV €4,600 €6,700

How much does it cost? How much time is required?IDEE-RECUE3

You need to be rich to be a pilot: WRONG !

To fly is a passion available to almost all and our club members will bend over backwards to achieve that. All our members give their time free, including our instructors who give their time to convey their passion to others. One hour of flight will cost between 114 and €138, so you need to allow between €5,600 and €8,000, on average, to obtain your PPL. This depends on how many hours are needed, depending on the commitment of the student student and his rate of progress.

There is also the Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence (LAPL).Shorter and cheaper, it gives very similar privilidges to the PPL.

Moreover, so to help younger people become pilots financial assistance may be available. The “Fédération Française Aéronautique” can help students less than 21 yrs of age with assistance up to €2,175.

Finally, once you have your PPL, you need to fly a minimum of 12hrs before the end of the period of validity of the qualification (2 yrs) in order to maintain the qualification. That will cost about €1,000 per year, including the cost of club membership. Everything is relative. A smoker who smokes 1 packet per day will send about €2,500 every year up in smoke.

I’m no good at maths and physics. It’s not for me: WRONG !

Here’s what José Garcia, actor and private pilot has to say :

While filming, whenever the opportunity would present itself, I would go to the local aeroclub, sometimes out in the bush. I’d pay a pilot for an hour’s flight. The time to admire our beautiful old earth viewed from on high, to be close to the angels, to be free from daily pressures. Just flying. But to pilot myself? I never thought I was capable.

It was during a shot in Morocco when a spark changed everthing. We had to take a small aircraft for the film… into the desert. As usual, I asked the pilot if I could sit next to him. During the flight I watched everything he did. “You know, José, you also could become a pilot” he said. “In all aeroclubs you will find instructors who will teach you how to fly, and you won’t need to worry about maths or physics. You won’t need them”. And that was the trigger for me. That added the ingredient that my passion was waiting for: the confidence per se.
So I took the plunge. I opened the door of an aeroclub. From that moment, my true love for aviation and the addiction that had been created have just grown. I have rediscovered things I love: passion, kindness, humility. Aviation preserves a child-like quality which many adults have lost. Here, one marvels at every moment.

You need free time to learn to be a pilot: TRUE !

Like all training, learning to be a pilot demands a certain investment of time, for both the theoretical and the practical courses.
It is important to realise that the training will be more effective if it happens over a short period, and a smaller number of hours means a lower cost. The average student will need to allow around a year, that is 4 practical lessons per month. But our instructors are equally available for intensive courses, often very effective.

After PPL

The privileges of a PPL can be extended by obtaining additional qualifications, for twin engined aircraft, night flying, aerobatics..


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