Introductory Lesson

The best thing about our occupation as an airline pilots is to be able to imagine from time to time that we live far from the world down here, that our life is a series of adventures.

Jean Mermoz

volIFRFor those who are interested, this flight, of 30mins, at the same tariff as a standard Trial Flight, opens the door to give you a glimpse of what it‘s like to pilot an aircraft.

Accompanied by an instructor, this flight is very much like the first stage of an apprenticeship. You find out about the aircraft and how it flies… you use the controls under the supervision of the instructor who will show you how to taxi, the take-off, climbs and descents, turns to right and left and landing. Of course, the new sensations and feelings can sometimes be a little disconcerting… you’re now living in three dimensions and the aircraft is banking, turning, climbing and descending, etc.

The flight could be, as it was for me, the opening of the door to a new passion.

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