Trial flight

When I’m not singing, I go flying, where I can dream. What I love is darting about between the clouds. You can find roads, follow avenues, lose yourself…

Jacques Brel

Le lac de vassivière
Vassivière lake

It is often the first contact with the world of flight. You cautiously open the door of an aeroclub .. « Good Morning, I believe you offer Trial Flights ? »

How many members of French aeroclubs started with a Trial Flight ? … Whether as a gift or you’ve paid yourself, the first experience is magical. You’ve stuck your neck out and taken a chance !

A convenient date for your flight will be chosen. You’ll walk out to the aircraft . Your pilot, (specifically authorised for the purpose), will explain what is going to happen during your flight which is limited to a maximum of 30mins. You will be shown how the pre-flight checks are done. Yes, we check everything before each flight. Then you’ll get on board, perhaps a little apprehensive, fasten your seat belt, put on your headset, confirm everything is secure, etc.

Start-up… the propellor turns and you start to taxi out. You’re off !! The pilot will check the engine to make sure that everything is OK. When everything is ready for take-off you will hear the pilot talk to the control tower on the radio. For example…
Tower – « F-YA you are clear to line up and take-off on runway 21. The wind is 230deg at 5knots »
Pilot – « Clear to line-up on 21 and take–off F-YA »

You taxi onto the runway and line up along the centre line… full power… release the brakes… slow acceleration to begin with and very soon you’ll lift off and leave the ground behind… you’re airborne !!!.

Don’t wait any longer, think of a Trial Flight, for yourself or as a gift.
Contact Secretary on +33 555 00 13 48 or send an e-mail with your contact details to or click on contact.


The fee for a trial flight is 80€ for half an hour flight. The prices of our other activities are listed in the following document (in french) :


Les monts d'Ambazac
Ambazac mounts
Aixe-sur-Vienne, au fond : Limoges
Aixe-sur-Vienne, behind : Limoges